What in the world is bahxd?!

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For those who have the time and willingness to read (We know adulting is hard.):

Pronounced "boxed," we are a subscription box company that features products from female-owned businesses, Veteran-owned businesses, and minority-owned businesses, as well as products from companies that give back to their communities.  In fact, by supporting bahxd, you are supporting both a female and a Veteran (who can then support their baby, toddler, and two teens! In other words, we are just like you.)

At bahxd, we use eco-friendly packaging to ship products each month, and we also don't use any plastic (unless we're reusing something we received). All packaging you receive from us will be reusable and/or recyclable.

We also give back to the community by planting trees. 

Did you know that one tree yields approximately 150 large boxes (12" x 12" x 12")? We plant at least one tree every time we hit that number, that way it's almost like we were never even here (cardboard-wise anyway). 

We are also conscious of the box size we use and strive to use the smallest box that comfortably fits the shipment so that in the long run, we are using the least amount of trees. 

(Have you ever gotten a package from Amazon and the box was big enough to fit a large dog but the item was the size of a loaf of bread? We have and it's disheartening. We won't do that- ever.)

Indian female entrepreneur
African American male entrepreneur with toddler boy
Asian male entrepreneur
white American male military Veteran entrepreneur
Community service cleaning up the beach
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